New Valiant

Cost: CreditIcon2000


Build Time: 32 seconds.
Uses: 20 supply.
Hull: 6500
Armor: 8
Antimatter: 225
Experience value: 30
MAC Damage: 2250
MAC Cooldown: 60 seconds
Archer Missile Damage: 200
Archer Missile Cooldown: 7.5 seconds
AAA Helix Gun Damage: 17.5
AAA Helix Gun Cooldown: 4 seconds
Shiva nuclear missile

Increased plating
Targeting Uplink

Valiant-class Cruisers are incredibly capable combat ships that are usually used as the flagships of small and large fleets alike.



Essentially an upscaled version of a Marathon-class cruiser, the Valiant-class is even more deadly than its cousin, yet is used primarily for UNSC fleet coordination and organization.


A modification of the versatile Marathon-class cruiser, the Valiant-class was originally going to be scrapped when problems arose with its high cost and delays with installing its next-generation fusion reactors. However, the escalating violence in the early years of the Insurrection forced the navy to refit the design as a command ship, where its impressive fleet management systems made it a favorite among admirals and battlegroup leaders.

This preference remained throughout the Human-Covenant war, with fleet admirals taking Valiant cruisers as flagships. The Valiant proved to be extremely effective against covenant targets and, as such, many battles in which the UNSC won were commanded by such vessels. The Everest, a modified Valiant was Admiral Preston J. Cole's flagship throughout much of the war. The Everest claimed several important, but often costly, Human victories such as the Second Battle for Harvest. Sadly, the Admiral and his ship were reported lost during the battle of Psi Serpentis taking an entire Covenant armada of hundreds of ships with them. This was the fatal flaw of the Valiant: the loss of one such ship was a major setback to the UNSC, requiring valuable resources, time and manpower to replace.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

Equipped with a Double MAC, Archer missiles and autocannons like its unmodified brother, the Valiant's main strengths come from its fleet buff abilities and high damage support weapons. It is likely best to have one to two in a fleet (depending on size and intended purpose) and have them kept to the rear of combat.

-Targeting Uplink: Provides a range increase for both the Valiant and all friendly ships in the AOE. This allows UNSC ships the valuable first strike in opening engagements, taking down shields and crippling enemy ships before they can fire back.

-Hyperion Nuclear Missiles: High damage missiles, dealing far more damage than the Double MAC but with a much longer cooldown. Slightly less damage than a Shiva, but able to fire multiple Hyperions at once they do more damage overall. The missiles also have an AOE effect and the EMP can provide debuffs on the enemy.

-Increased Plating: This upgrade equips the Valiant with additional Titanium-A armor to the Valiant's already decent durability, allowing it to take more damage in combat and keep going.



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