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Phoenix class assault ship

Cost: CreditIcon2100


Build Time: 29 seconds.
Uses: 12 supply.
Hull: 5000
Armor: 5
Antimatter: 300
Squadrons: 4
MAC Damage: 1500
MAC Cooldown: 70
Archer Missile Burst Damage: 100
Archer Missile Burst Cooldown: 7.5
Heavy Deck Gun Damage: 100
Heavy Deck Gun Cooldown: 10
Planet Bombing Damage: 30
Shiva Missile Tubes


Aging in design and offensive utility but still tactically useful on the front lines, the Phoenix-class Assault Ship is a large vessel that can haul large amounts of UNSC forces, making it an effective invasion/colony-building platform.



The essential starting capital ship of any UNSC fleet, capable of colonization. While a must-have in the beginning of a match, its necessity starts to degrade quickly as the lines of battle are drawn.


First introduced as the unarmed Phoenix-class colony ship in as late as the 24th century, initially the ships were designed for transporting thousands of human settlers to new colony worlds. However, when war with the Insurrection started to escalate many of these originally peaceful ships were refitted with offensive and defensive weaponry and tasked with supporting UNSC ground forces, a role the newly refitted ships performed very effectively. They continued their service through the Human-Covenant war and were still in use post war.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit




  • Reduced hull by 7000
  • Reduced armor by 3
  • Replaced the 'Hyperion Nuclear Missile' ability with the 'Shiva nuclear missile' ability


  • Reduced armor down by 3

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  • Model - Annihilater102
  • Texture  - Annihilater102

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