Paris-class heavy frigate

Paris class heavy frigate

Cost: CreditIcon350


Build Time: 9 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 4000
Armor: 4
Antimatter: 200
Experience value: 30[?]
MAC Damage: 26
MAC Cooldown: Unspecified
Archer Missile Damage: 13
Archer Missile Cooldown: Unspecified
AAA Helix Gun Damage: 9
AAA Helix Gun Cooldown: Unspecified
A heavier variant of the standard UNSC frigate.



A ship mainly used for escort duties for the UNSC navy. Although better armed and armored than the Charon-Class Light Frigate it is still one of the smallest UNSC combat ships. They are dwarfed in size and firepower by nearly all Covenant ships, and as such are only effective in large groups.


Compared to it's small brother, the Charon, the Paris is quite the upgrade. Boasting additional armor and armament the ships can be used effectively in ship to ship engagements. Lacking a cargo bay, the Paris is only suited to ship-to-ship combat and minor ground support (it is one of a few UNSC ships that can be used in atmosphere). Being a frigate these vessels are only effective when deployed in large quantities.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

The Paris should be present, and in sizeable quantities, in any UNSC fleet. Always have a lot on hand as soon as possible. Equipped with a standard MAC, Helix AAA guns, and Archers, they come packed with features. Even with the Paris' AA-defense being weaker than that of the Stalwart-class light frigate, it is able to deal a good amount of damage over time as well as take a hit if equipped with health and armor upgrades. A solid ship to have, Paris's should make up the bulk of any general combat fleet.

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  • Model - Ringleader w/ Annihilater102 edits
  • Texture - Annihilater102


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