Halcyon-class light cruiser


Cost: CreditIcon500


Build Time: 23 seconds.
Uses: 15 supply.
Hull: 10000
Armor: 8
Antimatter: 200
Experience value: 30[?]
Squadrons: 1[?]
MAC Damage: 1300
MAC Cooldown: 70
AAA Helix Gun Damage: 15.125
AAA Helix Gun Cooldown: 6
Harpoon tactical nuke Damage: 13
Harpoon tactical nuke Cooldown: Unspecified
Archer missile Damage: 70
Archer missile Cooldown: 7.5
Their service lives were short due to a unique hull design that was both costly both to construct and maintain, lack of speed, and poor armament, and concerns about their tactical viability.



This is the wall of the UNSC fleet. While it does not possess immense amounts of firepower, its hull capabilities allow it to sustain fire that would have destroyed other UNSC ships; something which is essential when fighting an enemy like the Covenant, which can easily swarm the field with dozens of capital warships.


The Halcyon is equipped with a standard MAC, much like the Paris-class heavy frigate, Helix AA turrets, and Archer Missiles. However, it also has a Harpoon tactical nuclear missile for extra damage in the opening barrage. This missile has a longer cooldown than the MAC.


The Halcyon-class cruiser is best used in groups of 10 to 20 surrounded by a much larger group of frigates and destroyers. These ships can tank much of the damage while allowing the softer ships like Frigates more time to keep firing.


First designed by Dr. Robert Mclees in 2510 the Halcyon-Class Light Cruiser, the smallest ship to be classified as 'cruiser', has a sordid history with the UNSC. Carrying only one MAC and 180 Archer Missiles, and inefficient reactors, the Halcyon was quickly taken out of service due to concerns about its tactical usability, its high cost, and its poor speed. Its only redeeming feature was the five hexagonal and octagonal sections that made up the ship's super-structure. Along with thick plating and ample interior bracing, this gave the ship a very high tolerance for pain. However, even with the unique and durable design, the Halcyon was outclassed in almost every way by the Marathon-class heavy cruiser, its successor.

When the war with the Covenant started the UNSC needed as many ships as they could get, and as a result, many Halcyons were put back into service. Most of the returning ships received major refits, like the Pillar of Autumn, which turned a ineffective ship into one of the most effective, and likely expensive ships, the UNSC had to offer. These refitted ships (the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in particular) led to the creation of the Autumn-Class Heavy Cruiser.

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