Cradle-Class Repair Ship

001 Cradle

Cost: CreditIcon500


Build Time: 36 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 10000
Armor: 8
Antimatter: 128
Experience value: 30
An extraordinary fleet asset, this mobile shipyard handles all day-to-day ship maintenance for deployed fleets, able to not only repair friendly ships but replenish their supply banks.


Used exclusively for repairing the UNSC Navy's various warships, a Cradle can always be found not far from a active UNSC fleet and around major shipbuilding planets.

History and RoleEdit

Introduced to fill the vital role of in-the-field fleet maintenance, Cradles are able to simultaneously refit six Destroyers at once, with an average crew of only thirty (plus EVA personnel). It achieves this remarkable feat mostly through automation and standardization of repair equipment. They can always be found operating at a convenient, but safe, distance from an active UNSC fleet.

While the Cradle is widely seen, there are two variants seen in the UNSC's fleets; one that's equipped with a translight engine, and one without. Those without a slipspace drive have a refueling station built in orbit to ensure they can do all day-to-day maintenance tasks without worrying about power outages and fuel depletion, which can be all-too-common for those operating directly with fleets.

In-game, this is reflected with the Cradle-class repair ship being distinct from the Repair Yard as a structure - although the two are the same in canon, this article deals with the former.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

The Cradle-class is completely unarmed - although they are listed as being equipped with AA Autocannons, these do no damage. In addition, unlike its capabilities in canon Halo media, it is only able to repair one ship at a time, for balancing reasons. It still plays a vital role in UNSC fleets, quickly restoring health to ships that would otherwise have to repair themselves painfully slowly - however, its usage in-combat is limited, as its repair capabilities are easily outstripped by potent Covenant weapons, and it is often designated a priority target by enemy fleets.

Aiding the Cradle is its surprising durability - it has hull points and armour equal to or greater than any Level 1 capital ship other than the Punic or Epoch, and can soak up twice the damage of a Halcyon (albeit without the capability to deal any damage in the opposite direction). Because of this, it can be used - in a mirror of the Cradle's canon fate - as a damage sponge; however, its cost makes this inadvisable in most cases unless a valuable capital ship is at stake.


0.88.5 Release

  • Cradles no longer require research to build; article has been updated to reflect that.

0.75 Release

  • These ships replaced the previous Repair Platform as the repair structures over planets. They still take up fleet supply, but cannot jump to slipspace, however, so in most cases its easier to use the normal version for all your repair duties.
  • Fleet supply has been reduced, from 30 down to 10.

Canon ReferenceEdit

Officially these ships were referred to as Refit Stations, but to distinguish them from the stationary Repair Yard structures, they were given the non-canon name Cradle-class (after the similarly-mobile UNSC Cradle which was destroyed at Sigma Octanus IV).

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  • Model - Annihilater102
  • Texture - Annihilater102

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