CRS Class
CRS Class

CRS ClassCov

Cost: CreditIcon350 MetalIcon55 CrystalIcon0
Build Time: 14 seconds.
Hull: 3000
Armor: 4.5, v-heavy
Shields: 3000
Experience value: 12
Laser Damage: 750
Laser Cooldown: 21
Plasma Torpedo Damage: 2000
Plasma Torpedo Cooldown: 29
A smaller version of the extremely powerful CSS Class.



The ship of choice for players who are interested in extremely aggressive gameplay, they are exceptional early game vessels and will offer fantastic returns for their cost.


Captains that survive the combat trials whilst in command of the CAR Class will quickly find themselves in command of these vessels. Held in high regard by the Covenant for their exceptional combat history the ships are put into the thick of combat.

In comparison to their predecessor a captain of the CRS Class will enjoy more responsive weapon systems and far greater protection. The ships crew are also of higher class and training and will often incorporate Sangheili crew men on sensitive positions such as tactical and the helm. During the war these ships saw service in almost every major conflict and were often the bulk of the fleet.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

These ships are the best early game upgrade available to the Covenant, compared to the CAR Class the survivability of the ship is almost doubled and the damage output is increased at almost the exact cost of the CAR Class, you should try to get these available as soon as possible.

Canon ReferenceEdit